GY7A 'Anubis'

Kathika Imperium / Alpha Collection
65 CP / /

GY7A Anubis was designed as a long-range support vessel for large scale siege operations, orbital bombardments and multi-stage fleet maneuvers where it's speed and armament could be used to maximum effect. The rapid fire 'Kopesh' Mk 1 torpedo systems used on the Anubis can easily overwhelm most point-defense and anti-ordinance systems if left unchecked while providing effective point defense cover for itself using a pair of D939 ‘Searing Dunecaster’ plasma flak cannons. Admiral Zi'ynathik famously escaped the assault on Yrakis with a small compliment of Anubis frigates, only to return months later to encircle the lightly defended planet. Leveraging the Anubis ordinance systems, the small fleet overwhelmed the orbital protections within minutes, opening up the gate to an unchallenged orbital bombardment that toppled the hastily installed Terran government and garrison in mere hours.

Average Armor Rating
Weapons Module Slots Sections
4 0 2
Special Action Attributes
Reserve Ordinance

Sections & Weapons

Section Facings Armor Rating
1 FL, FC, FR

Section 1 Weapons

Weapon Class Mounting Facings Range Rating Tracking Rating Damage Rating Other Attributes Special Properties
KN9.1 'Kopesh' (Light Photon Torpedo) Torpedo N/A FR Speed Rating: Rapid Deployment
KN9.1 'Kopesh' (Light Photon Torpedo) Torpedo N/A FL Speed Rating: Rapid Deployment
D939 Type A 'Searing Dunecaster' (Point-Defense Bursting Flak (Plasma)) Direct Swivel FL, FC, FR Plasma
D939 Type A 'Searing Dunecaster' (Point-Defense Bursting Flak (Plasma)) Direct Swivel FL, FC, FR Plasma
Section Facings Armor Rating
2 RR, RC, RL

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Token Rarity & Availability

Number Existing 203
Number Available Unlimited
Rarity Within Collection 3.5000% chance to draw in asset packs containing only collection "Alpha Collection".
Rarity Within Universe 3.5000% chance to draw in asset packs containing all collections.


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