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Alpha Collection

44 assets

The Alpha Collection is the first collection of ship NFT assets to launch with Inanis Invictus and contains over 40 collectible and playable ship game piece templates with a wide range of rarity, size and strength. The Alpha Collection introduces units from the "Odin Industries", "Valex Conglomerate", "Black Suns Organization" and the "Kathika Imperium" factions to the Inanis Invictus universe. All templates included in this collection will be available for drops in asset packs, bonus packs and similar drop mechanics.

Alpha Booster 1 - Titans of the Void

19 assets

Titans of the Void is the first booster pack for the Alpha collection and contains 19 entirely new ship templates to augment the existing Alpha collection. With additional ship modules and abilities as well as the introduction of more factions, the Titans of the Void drastically expands the tactical and strategic choices when drafting ships for gameplay matches!

Alpha Booster 1 - Titans of the Void Siegebreaker Promotion

1 assets

This collection is specific to the Alpha Booster 1 "Titans of the Void" Siegebreaker promotion held at the end of 2022 for the launch of the booster collection during the Winter Holiday Promotion. The Siegebreaker is a distinguished cruiser that was awarded through a random drawing.