Project Roadmap

The De Facto Inanis Roadmap, Milestones and Planned Features

Phase 1

Launching: August 19th, 2022!

Phase 1 development includes all of the core blockchain smart contracts, the NFT "Alpha Collection" containing 30+ ship types, the web site interface and all supporting infrastructure such as database caching, decentralized storage management and more.

Completion ETA: Q1-Q2 2023

Phase 2 development objectives are aimed at rounding out the NFT and blockchain experiences, refining and expanding the tabletop gaming experiences and expanding the collection of available assets.

Completion ETA: Q1-Q2 2024

Phase 3 development objectives will be the most involved, but include the planned development and creation of the 3D assets for each ship template in Inanis Invictus to date for both the digital game client as well as 3D printers, an online 3D model viewer, and a digital game client that facilitates player vs player and player vs computer matches using the official Inanis Invictus rules and a user's collection of assets! ETA is TBD currently, but expected to take at least 12 to 18 months from start to finish.

There are even more plans and ideas we have for the future of Inanis Invictus including 4x strategy elements and gameplay components, additional content, other game formats and more. Phase 3 development will mark the official completion of planned development, but will be only the beginning of our endeavor to create and expand a vibrant and engaging gaming universe!