Sato BX3 'Santoku'

House Sato / Alpha Booster 1 - Titans of the Void
55 CP / /

The shipyards of House Sato are known for their quality work and the Santoku class corvette carries forth that tradition with exceptional design and quality. Built as a heavy stealth bomber class corvette, the Santoku has proven to be a terrifyingly effective platform for fleet commanders looking to counter heavier capital class ships. Leveraging an advanced cloaking field generator, pioneered by House Sato engineers, an advanced electronics warfare package and the feared JS13x 'Tengu' torpedo system, the Santoku is uniquely designed to engage and disable enemy capital ships quickly and effectively while easily avoiding counter fire and engagements. Much like most of House Sato's products, however, the demand for the Santoku corvettes grossly exceeds the availability throughout the galaxy.

Average Armor Rating
Weapons Module Slots Sections
3 0 1
Special Action Attributes
Phased Shields
Evasive Control Systems
Cloaking Field Generator
Electronic Warfare

Sections & Weapons

Section Facings Armor Rating
1 FL, FC, FR, RR, RC, RL

Section 1 Weapons

Weapon Class Mounting Facings Range Rating Tracking Rating Damage Rating Other Attributes Special Properties
Kylaxian Pulse Laser Type A (Light Pulse Laser) Direct Spinal FC
Kylaxian Pulse Laser Type A (Light Pulse Laser) Direct Spinal FC
JS13x 'Tengu' (Heavy High Explosive Torpedo) Torpedo N/A FR Speed Rating:

Marketplace Listings

No marketplace listings

Recent Token Sale History

From To Token Price Date

Token Rarity & Availability

Number Existing 5
Number Available 50
Rarity Within Collection 0.4750% chance to draw in asset packs containing only collection "Alpha Booster 1 - Titans of the Void".
Rarity Within Universe 0.4750% chance to draw in asset packs containing all collections.


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