Valex Phasor Mk 2 Heavy Corvette

Terran, Valex Conglomerate / Alpha Collection
55 CP / /

The Phasor Mk 2 heavy corvette by the Valex Conglomerate was the answer to the Kathika Imperium's expanded use of fighter and bomber aircraft in the Juniper campaign. Designed primarily as an anti-aircraft and support platform the Phasor exceeded most performance predictions in every live test case. Armed with a 'Phase Cutter' particle beam system and a pair of Lightstorm Mk 1 PD phaser turrets, the Phasor can effectively engage simultaneously targets with ease. The Phasor comes equipped with a phased shield array, advanced targeting AI and best in class shields and armor, giving it a superior combat rating.

Average Armor Rating
Weapons Module Slots Sections
3 2 1
Special Action Attributes
Targeting AI
Phased Shields

Sections & Weapons

Section Facings Armor Rating
1 FL, FC, FR, RR, RC, RL

Section 1 Weapons

Weapon Class Mounting Facings Range Rating Tracking Rating Damage Rating Other Attributes Special Properties
Phase Cutter Mk 2 (Medium Particle Beam (Proton)) Direct Spinal FC
Lightstorm Mk 1 (Point-Defense Phaser) Direct Turret RR
Lightstorm Mk 1 (Point-Defense Phaser) Direct Turret RL

Marketplace Listings

Token ID Token Price
Buy Now 2282 bnUSD 180
Buy Now 2550 bnUSD 250
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Buy Now 2798 bnUSD 900

Recent Token Sale History

From To Token Price Date

Token Rarity & Availability

Number Existing 30
Number Available 30
Rarity Within Collection 0.4750% chance to draw in asset packs containing only collection "Alpha Collection".
Rarity Within Universe 0.4750% chance to draw in asset packs containing all collections.


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