N3.101 Nebula

Terran, Valex Conglomerate / Alpha Collection
25 CP / /

The N3.101 Nebula is the de-facto standard among the Valex Conglomerate's military design philosophy of quality, flexibility and effectiveness. Deployed in great numbers around the Vega Sector, the nebula has become a common component of many fleet deployments. Despite having a lighter weapon system then some of its class counterparts, the Nebula combines a turreted design, robust armor and shield systems and solid thruster design which allow it to out maneuver many ships while keeping them engaged with its highly accurate phaser weapon systems. The Nebula comes standard with an open module slot adding further utility to an already solid ship design.

Average Armor Rating
Weapons Module Slots Sections
1 1 1
Special Action Attributes

Sections & Weapons

Section Facings Armor Rating
1 FL, FC, FR, RR, RC, RL

Section 1 Weapons

Weapon Class Mounting Facings Range Rating Tracking Rating Damage Rating Other Attributes Special Properties
Lightstorm Mk 2 (Light Phaser) Direct Turret FC

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Token Rarity & Availability

Number Existing 243
Number Available Unlimited
Rarity Within Collection 5.0000% chance to draw in asset packs containing only collection "Alpha Collection".
Rarity Within Universe 5.0000% chance to draw in asset packs containing all collections.


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